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Non-Ferrous Metals

Non-Ferrous Metal Products You Need at the Right Time and Highest Quality

As the person responsible for the purchasing of metal supplies for your company's manufacturing processes, you need a supplier that will meet your requirements for high quality, close tolerances and variety of metals and products. Kemper AIP Metals is the answer. Whether you require metal strips, metal tubing, metal valves or metal casting, you can get your needs met with our team of metal experts.

Kemper brings you over 100 years of experience in non-ferrous metals. Our expertise yields worldwide recognition within the communications, automotive, and electro-technical industries for our rolled strips of copper alloys. Give us your specs and we will match them exactly, while also delivering to you just-in-time. Take a look at our chart for metal alloy strips. You will see the wide variety of traditional and special alloys available for ordering.

If you need high-quality, metal tubing with no minimum order size, you can get all types of precision-drawn tubes matched to your tolerances, concentricity and temper. Extrusions are seamless and our metal alloy tubing can conform to DIM, ASTM and military specs.

With more than 40 years of experience supplying non-ferrous metal wire and metal rods to a number of industries, our customer like the fact that they can get their needs met with a number of alloys, shapes and diameters. Please ask for samples and JIT requirements.

If your company makes products for the sanitary and water engineering sectors, you will find that our metal casting capabilities meet your demanding needs. Our customers in this field return to us over and over for the highest quality metal cast products. Similarly, clients constructing drinking water installations find our gunmetal and stainless steel metal valves deliver the precision and quality they seek. These valves have an excellent reputation in the European sanitary arena.

Kemper AIP Metals will enable you to meet the demanding non-ferrous metal supply needs of your internal customers. Join the thousands of worldwide customers who achieve success by partnering with us.

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