Strip - Technology driven precision


  • Phosphor Bronze (C510 C511 C519 C521 C524)
  • Nickel Silver (C735 C752 C757 C762 C764 C770)
  • Brass (C210 C220 C230 C240 C260)
  • Leaded Brass (C353)
  • Copper (C101 C102 C103 C110 C122 C151)
  • Copper Nickel Silicon (C19010)
  • Copper Nickel Tin (C725)
  • Copper Iron (C194 C195 C197)
  • Copper Nickel Phosphorous (C19000)
  • Copper Tin Zinc (Cu Sn6 Zn6)
  • Copper Nickel 30% (C715)
  • Beryllium Copper (C172 C17510
  • Tin Bronze (C425)


Thickness: 0.002" to 0.080"
Width: 0.093" to 12.750"
Coil size: 12" I.D. x 43.00" O.D.
Coil weight: Up to 4,000 lbs.


  • Slitting
  • Skiving/Milling)
  • Plating/Tinning
  • Strip casting
  • Rolling/Finishing
  • Stretch-bend-leveling
  • Bell annealing (Ebner furnace)
  • Strip annealing (Floatation furnace)
  • Traverse winding


  • Founded in 1864
  • Tradition of Quality


Broad usage in the electronics and automotive industries. Exceptional engineering resources for material selection, process analysis, and developmental support.


Our strip production facility has invested continuously in production and quality assurance to offer state-of-the-art technology: a narrow dimensional variance, flawless surface finish, tightly controlled die exit camber and excellent consistency of physical and mechanical properties throughout each production run and from lot to lot. Our material allows higher yields, shorter cycle times, reduced tool wear, good cold formability, reduced machine set-up time and superior operating performance� -- all lead to a reduction in true costs and a rapid response.

Kemper AIP Metals has experience supplying quality copper alloy strip on-time, made exactly to your specifications. Samples gladly furnished and often supplied free-of-charge. JIT stock programs available from our regional warehouses. Please send us your inquiries for immediate quotations.